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Grégory Granados — Cahier du Cirva — Juillet 21

Grégory Granados


Publication date : 2021/08/01
Weight 77 g / Dimensions 14 x 19.7 cm / 32 pages
ISBN 9782907116121

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French designer Gregory Granados imagines the ideal shape of a vase/flower pot for a dancing plant. His discreet and subtle research questions the connection between the shaping of a given material and the sound it emits, investigating the acoustic properties of glass.

In 2019, Gregory Granados was awarded the grand prix of Design Parades Hyères, and started his one-year residency at the Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et les Arts Plastiques to produce a glass vase. He rapidly started to imagine a series of vases whose purpose is not only to receive flowers, but to provide a home for a group of dancing plants.

Gregory Granados is in turn a dancer, a musician and even a gardener. In this Cahier du Cirva he drew the ideal shape of a vase meant as an environment for a growing Desmodium gyrans. In his quiet and subtle research, he assembled existing shapes and fragments, like a kind of sampling of forms. In his own words, his outlook is both festive and thoughtful and can be described by a list of actions: collecting, fragmenting, assembling. This framework describes the methodology he applies to his glass work.

This book focuses on the research, process and offshoots of his work at the Cirva. It includes a variety of approaches ranging from glass pieces to virtual pictures made by algorithm. This publication grew organically and does not aim to be exhaustive, but is meant to be both a window on his mind and a creative experiment. Stanislas Colodiet, director of the Cirva, recalled Gregory Granados’s time at the Cirva and the gradual unfolding of his creative process and Johanna Himmelsbach did the graphic design.

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