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Post-performance future method/e

Marie de Brugerolle

T&P Work UNit

Publication date : 2024/03/01
Second edition
Dimensions 15 x 21 cm / 397 pages
ISBN 9791095513223

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Post Performance Future is a pioneering traveling artistic research project (2012 to 2022) led by art historian and curator Marie de Brugerolle. The book traces these 10 years with several generations of students and very important artists from the American West Coast scene. Workshops, seminars, key exhibitions and discussions with Andrea Fraser, Paul McCarthy, Agnieszka Kurant, Cally Spooner, Dora Garcia, Julien Bismuth etc. have fueled research from Lyon to Los Angeles, from the Netherlands to Spain…

The concept of post-performance questions the impact and legacy of performativity on the visual arts. It reveals artists in training and at work. Precise work involving the body, the voice, the manipulation of objects and the reading of texts engages a professionalism far removed from the idea of impulse or improvisation.

Since the 1970s, this methodical investigation and foresight has given rise to new notions and put them into practice through performance (with aesthetic and political consequences). It retraces and surpasses a history shaped by an American-European genealogy of performance art.

The book shows and exposes the genesis of performances and concepts born during the research and now used in the art world by those who followed this experience during their studies and research.

The contributions to Post-Performance Future. Method/e have been written by Jean- Max Colard (art critic and curator, head of the Mnam Centre Pompidou speech department), Andrea Fraser (artist, UCLA professor), Rubén Gallo (Professor of Spanish language, literature and civilization – Princeton University), Dora Garcia (artist, teacher and researcher Olso Akademy of Fine Arts), Keywa Henri (artist), Agnieszka Kurant (artist, lecturer), Jérôme Mauche (writer, poet, editor and lecturer at Villa Arson, Nice), Margherita Morgantin (artist, lecturer at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan), Ingo Niermann (novelist, writer, artist and lecturer at Basel University of Art and Design Institute FHNW Art Gender Nature), Cally Spooner (artist), Italo Zuffi (artist, lecturer at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan).

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