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Livre signé

Rebecca Digne

Rebecca Digne / Jeanne Brun

Les éditions de l'espace d'en bas

Launch and discussion at the bookshop Saturday 9th March at 6 pm

Publication date : 2024/02/01
Leporello with 6 flaps, silk-screens and a central 16-page booklet
Weight 87 g / Dimensions 16 x 22.5 cm / 16 pages
ISBN 9782493325044

A Livre-Objet by Rebecca Digne with a text by Jeanne Brun, You said nothing was the root – Tu disais rien est la racine. Conceived as a panorama deployed by a central core, this horizontal landscape takes us back to a cartographic format whose territories are delimited by strange objects shaped by time, the artist’s sculptures.

“More than resisting, Rebecca Digne’s work seems to embrace, to grasp the material body to body as the passage of time and the course of memory. In the slowness of the sequences, the meticulous observation of ancestral know-how, questioning heritage, one might detect a hint of nostalgia : I see in it the courage it takes to inherit, that is, to take hold of what is given to us – the land, the language, the memory -, to respond to it and pass it on. To inhabit, to pass on : nothing the artist possesses, neither things nor gestures ; only knowledge, words, memories, territories to be explored, alone or with others, which exist only because we walk on them, which only have the contours we draw for them, tearing them away from the expanse of what is not or what is no longer ours.”

Jeanne Brun, You said nothing was the root – Tu disais rien est la racine (extract)


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