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Rethink Everything

Andrea Giunta

delpire & co

Publication date : 2021/07/01
Weight 990 g / Dimensions 16.5 x 25.8 cm / 288 pages, 220 illustrations / english
Published in French, English and Spanish. Spanish version by ediciones Lariviere (Buenos Aires)
EAN 9791095821373

We can rethink everything: think from a perspective that takes into account the affects and the desire for a new sharing within human relationships, symbolic links, the relationship with nature. Feminism is a theory and practice that addresses also the questions of the post-human, of the creation of the common.
Andrea Giunta

Pensar todo de nuevo / Rethink everything proposes to explore and question our current world in the light of the feminist struggles waged since the 1970s in Latin America.

Extension of a virtual exhibition imagined just before the pandemic and the global containment of March 2020 by Andrea Giunta and the Rolf- Art gallery in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the book brings together a selection of 220 works (photographs, videos, sculptures, performances) by 25 artists, created between the 1970s and today, and is the catalogue of an exhibition at the Rencontres d’Arles 2021.

It is a question of rethinking with a fresh perspective the latent meanings of works produced in other contexts, of returning to the archives, of dwelling on the resonances produced by the reconciliation of images, with feminist actions-performances and their mutations as a common thread, from struggles for control of the body, to more recent ones for the protection of nature and other living forms.

The book :

Designed as a spiral artist notebook, this handy book brings together the works and series chosen by the curator, punctuated page after page by her comments and testimonials from the artists. Six chapters address the essential questions of the relationship of humans to their environment, their body, their memory, and universal notions such as loneliness, inequalities, freedom, and affects. Photographs, drawings, videos, installations, performances, restore the energy of the feminist struggles of the 1970s and their extension, and bring out the essential issue of our time: in what world do we want to live?

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